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This Web Site is owned and operated by DTH Lieferung. The information contained in this Web Site has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing general guidance about DTH Lieferung to interested parties. The Web Site has been compiled in good faith by DTH Lieferung and the information it contains is on an "As is" and "As available" basis, with no representations made or warranties given (either express or implied) as to the correctness, accuracy, completeness, reliability or otherwise, of the information provided. You should always verify the accuracy of this information by contacting DTH Lieferung.

By accessing this Web Site, you agree that DTH Lieferung, its officers and employees, in no event will be liable for any injury or loss of life, direct (including loss of profits), incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages, arising out of access to or use of any content on this site including viruses, regardless of the accuracy of completeness of any such content. Furthermore, by accessing this Web Site you agree that you will fully indemnify DTH Lieferung, its officers and employees, against any claims arising for any of the above mentioned losses from such use.

This Web Site may contain links to other sites. DTH Lieferung. has no control of, makes no representation or warranty with respect to, and assumes no responsibility for the content and information available on those sites or pages and makes no warranty with respect to the use of the links provided.

The copyright in the information contained in this Web Site belongs to and remains with DTH Lieferung. Your access to it does not imply a license to reproduce and / or distribute this information and you are not allowed to do such acts without DTH Lieferung' prior written consent. All trademarks and trade names are proprietary to DTH Lieferung.

Any comments sent to this Web Site, becomes the property of DTH Lieferung and may be used without limitation. Received comments will not be treated as confidential.

These Terms and Conditions of Use, shall be governed by UE law. Any dispute arising out or in relation to these Terms and Conditions of Use which cannot be solved amicably shall be decided exclusively by the Courts of Haga.

Privacy Statement

DTH Lieferung is committed to preserving the privacy of users of our web sites. Any information about you that we collect is used purely to improve the services we offer to you, and to make our web site's content and services easier to use and more appropriate to you. We may use this information, with your permission, to contact you with information about updates to our web site or other marketing information. DTH Lieferung has never shared any information obtained on or from its web sites with any other organisation, and will not do so in future, unless required by law. Nor will we sell information obtained on this site to any party or parties external to DTH Lieferung and its subsidiaries.

Certain areas of the DTH Lieferung web sites including, but not limited to, Web Shpping require registration or a password for access. Information obtained from users of these areas may also be used for DTH Lieferung's marketing purposes. DTH Lieferung provides a right of access and rectification of personal data under the applicable legislation.

Certain shipment data will be provided to the authorities of the country of transit or destination for customs and tax clearance or for security screening, as required by the laws of such country. The information provided would usually include: shipper name and address, receiver name and address, description of the goods, number of pieces, weight and value of shipment.

DTH Lieferung reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time with or without prior notice. Please check back frequently to be informed of any changes.By using our site you agree to this Privacy Policy.
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