Frequently Asked Questions

Our shipping services

1. What shipping services do you provide?
A: We have a wide range of shipping services such as Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Transportation, Container Rentals, Certified Goods Inspection, Crating & Uncrating, Fully Insured Shipments, etc.
2. Can I receive my Shipment at my home address?
A: Of course, our company delivers goods to specific addresses or Docks/Airports Warehouses.
3. Can I pick up my Shipment from the docks/airport?
A: We are obliged to deliver the Shipment to the address you have provided or for pick up from Docks/Airports Warehouses(with aditional cost ) .
4. How will I know when my Shipment arrives so I can be at home?
A: Our staff will contact you by phone or email 1 day before the Shipment arrives at arrange precise delivery timing.
5. If my Shipment arrives in a big crate, who will uncrate it, where and when?
A: Our delivery staff will uncrate the Shipment at the delivery address in front of the recepient or any other person appointed by the recipient.
6. Once the Shipment has left the departure point, can the sender stop the shipping process?
A: It is impossible for the sender to stop the shipping process as long as the terms of the agreement are kept by both parties.
7. How do I know that the description on the receipt is accurate?
A: Our certified inspectors are legally responsable for the description.
8. What if the Shipment arrives and hidden charges appear?
A: We are not allowed to begin the shipping process until the shipping services are paid for in full.
9. If the merchandise is not as the seller describe it, do i get my money back ? When ?
A: If the merchandise is not as the shipper described, you will not sign the selling contract(this will be give it to you with the other goods legal papers by the delegated agent) and you will contact the agent that delivered the merchandise. The agent will be in your city for the entire period of inspection. He will refund you in the last day of inspection the entire amount of money paid.
10. Can I pick up the vehicle from the docks/airport?
A: We are sorry, but our purpose is to ship the vehicle directly to your address.


1. Is my Shipment safe with ?
A: Yes it is. We do our best to deliver all our shipments safe and on time. Each Shipment is also insured for all the shipping process.
2. Who pays for the insurance?
A: The seller usually pays for the insurance.
3. What happens if I'm not satisfied with the Shipment's condition?
A: Our staff will provide a complaint form which you'll have to fill in and you'll be refunded in maximum 72 hours.

Tracking number

1. How can I track my shipment?
A: Go to TRACKING on our website and enter the tracking number on the receipt, then click the 'Track' button.
2. What do I do if the tracking number is erroneous?
A: Go to CONTACT on out website and either email us or better click on the 'Live Help' button.
3. What information do I get when I enter the tracking number?
A: After entering the tracking number on our website, you'll be able to check the shipment's status, the departure and arrival location, estimated arrival date, a short description of the Shipment written by our inspectors, the shipping service that is being used and wether it has been paid for or not.
4. Is the information shown by the tracking number accurate?
A: We provide accurate and specific information. However, as the information is updated twice a day, the Shipment's status information may be a few hours old.
5. Is the last move displayed always up-to-date?
A: Tracking system results are for reference only. The latest movement of the container displayed is not necessarily the latest physical movement of the cargo. It is the latest move checked and accepted by the ' central logistics control. For more accurate details, please contact us on our live chat at your service 24h a day.

Why is a better way of doing online purchases?

Sellers Receive ...

- Knowledge that Buyer's funds are verified and held before merchandise is shipped
- Access to new markets and customers
- Fewer bad debts
- Accelerated transaction times
- Access to customer service 7 days a week
- Ability to check order status anytime online
- Streamlined distribution
- Transaction detail maintained for 5 years
- Proactive sequencing of deals

Buyers Receive ...

- Opportunity to inspect merchandise before payment is released to Seller
- Faster processing of orders
- Lower procurement costs
- Access to customer service 7 days a week
- Ability to check order status anytime online
- Goods released for shipment earlier
- Access to new suppliers
- Transaction detail maintained for 5 years

How the transaction works?

Five easy steps to a safe transaction

Step 1: The Shipper Starts The Transaction
Shipper(Seller) and Receiver(Buyer) agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection and any shipping information. The Seller deposits the merchandise and pay the shipping fees - Transaction is initiated.
Step 2: Buyer Confirms The Shipment
After receiving the shipment notification and tracking number from us, the Buyer will carry out the payment. The Buyer sends us the payment details and we verify it.
*Processing time for payment is 24 hours.
Step 3: Shipment Is Moving, The Delivery Process Is Started Upon payment verification will deliver the merchandise as soon as possible. Delivery time might vary.
Step 4: Buyer Receives The Merchandise
The Seller has set a number of days for inspecting the merchandise and the Buyer has the option to accept or reject the Merchandise if is not like the Seller described.
Step 5: Pays The Seller
With the Buyer`s approval pays the Seller. The transaction is complete.

Processing and delivery time by disbursement method: 1 day for wire transfers and 5 days or more if disbursement is by check.

* If the Buyer is not satisfied, he must notify us of any problems with the merchandise before the end of the inspection period. A solution to most problems can usually be negotiated between the Buyer and Seller. If this is not possible, the Buyer must return the merchandise to the Seller in the same conditions in which the merchandise was delivered to him.
How do I use it?
Using our service is easy. All you have to do is e-mail us at or contact Customer Service section We will take you step-by-step through the entire process.
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